Osteoarthritis, or OA, may be excruciatingly painful, particularly when it interferes with your ability to live your life the way you want to. Whether you’re trying to get through the day at work or play with your grandchildren, joint stiffness, edema, and decreased range of motion caused by OA may substantially impede your activities. 

Unfortunately, this chronic illness worsens with time. Nevertheless, you can do things to limit its growth and reduce your discomfort. We spoke with specialists at the best assisted living in Palm Springs to get the scoop on the best methods to feel better, remain active, and keep arthritis at bay.


What Exactly Is OA?

When the collagen between your bones wears down, the bone starts to scrape against the bone, resulting in osteoarthritis or significant swelling in your joints. OA may cause morning stiffness, as well as soreness and achiness during or after specific activities. According to the best assisted living in Palm Springs, the most frequent kind of arthritis is osteoarthritis. Therefore, when you hear the term “arthritis,” it typically refers to OA. Most people who develop OA do so in their 50s; however, it might begin earlier due to an accident or obesity.

 If you’re searching for natural supplements for OA, these are the most common natural supplements for arthritis. However, be sure to consult with a doctor first since some alternatives may conflict with your current prescriptions.



 This yellow spice contains curcumin, which may help combat inflammation and relieve joint discomfort. Though research on its therapeutic benefits is limited, what is known so far is promising. Curcumin, the component that gives turmeric its yellow color, has been shown in clinical studies to assist people with OA to reduce pain and improve physical performance

According to specialists from the top assisted living in Palm Springs, it may serve as a natural anti-inflammatory, albeit the specific mechanism is unknown. Turmeric supplements are available over-the-counter if you want to give it a try—just be sure to check with your doctor first.


Omega-3 essential fatty acids (fish oil) 

Multiple studies have been undertaken to determine the effectiveness and safety of omega-3 supplementation for inflammatory illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis. For example, one research found that ingesting omega-3 fatty acids, typically found in fish oils, may considerably reduce joint swelling and discomfort in osteoarthritis sufferers. 

It is advised that you integrate omega-3s into your diet via foods such as salmon, tuna, sardines, walnuts, flaxseeds, and walnuts for improved absorption.


Aloe vera  

Aloe vera is a popular herbal remedy in alternative medicine. It comes in a variety of forms, including tablets, powder, gels, and a leaf. It is well-known for its healing capabilities and is often used to treat minor skin abrasions such as sunburn, but it may also aid with joint discomfort due to its anti-inflammatory characteristics.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDs), often used to treat arthritis pain, do not have the same harmful gastrointestinal effects as aloe vera. According to several studies, using aloe supplements may help alleviate osteoarthritis discomfort. Aloe supplements are available online.



Ginger is often used in cooking, but it may also have therapeutic properties. According to research, the same molecules that give ginger its pungent taste also have anti-inflammatory qualities, and ginger components might form the foundation of pharmaceutical therapy for rheumatoid arthritis. It may not only aid in the management of symptoms, but it could also aid in the prevention of bone deterioration.

Ginger has traditionally been used to relieve nausea in traditional medicine, but it may also treat OA and joint and muscle discomfort. Ginger powder and vitamins may be purchased online.


Green Tea

Green tea is a well-known beverage. The antioxidants in it may aid in the battle against inflammation caused by RA, or OA. Green tea may be ingested as a tea beverage, or Matcha powder can be sprinkled on meals or blended into smoothies. 

Although there is evidence that extracts or particular components of green tea may impact arthritis, it is unknown if the concentration of active compounds in a cup of tea can ease symptoms. 

Nonetheless, it is likely to be safe for the vast majority of individuals. It is a healthier beverage than various coffees, sodas, and other sweetened beverages, as long as no sugar is added.

More study is required to establish that green tea may help decrease inflammation and determine the best form and amount. Online, you may discover a variety of green tea options.



Eucalyptus is a widely accessible medicine that is used to treat a variety of ailments. Topical eucalyptus leaf extracts are used to relieve arthritic pain. Tannins found in the plant’s leaves may help decrease swelling and discomfort associated with arthritis. Some seniors in the best assisted living in Palm Springs use heat pads afterward to enhance the impact. Aromatherapy utilizing eucalyptus may help alleviate the symptoms of RA, and OA Topical eucalyptus may be purchased online.



As a lotion or gel, this extract from hot chili peppers is applied to your painful joint. According to a study, burning up your neurotransmitters—chemical messengers that send pain signals from the joint to the brain—can lower OA discomfort by a third after four weeks, resulting in nerve fiber desensitization and reduced pain. The hurting joint is treated with a typical cream four times each day. It’s important to note that it burns! If you can stick it through for the first two weeks, it will get better.



Collagen, an amino acid-based protein, has long been lauded for its skin-elasticity advantages. There has been little investigation into its anti-inflammatory properties: Some studies claim it may help with joint pain, while seniors in the best assisted living in Palm Springs claim it can help with muscle soreness but not inflammation.

Collagen is commonly accessible as a capsule, powder, or liquid mixed into meals or beverages. You may also boost your body’s natural collagen levels by consuming more protein and vitamin C-rich foods like chicken, eggs, and citrus fruits.

A senior hand holding onto a cane



As interest in natural supplements and herbal medicine grows, traditional physicians are increasingly prepared to evaluate the advantages of alternative treatments. Some plants may supplement your existing drugs in the treatment of osteoarthritis. However, it is essential to remember that herbs might have dangerous adverse effects. It is also important to get natural supplements from a reliable provider.

Because the FDA does not inspect herbs for quality, purity, packaging, or dose, there is no way to tell whether a product is contaminated or contains inactive substances.