At Bayshire Rancho Mirage, wellness is a top priority for our residents. As we embrace the beauty of our campus, located just south of world-famous Palm Springs, we also recognize the unique challenges that come with the changing seasons. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is one such challenge that affects many seniors, especially those in assisted living who may experience difficult emotions alongside changing care needs.

SAD is a type of depression related to changes in seasons – symptoms appear in the fall and continue into the winter months. This specific type of depression can drain your energy, worsen your mood, and may result in increased isolation. For seniors, winter months and the accompanying holidays can be difficult anyways due to separation from family and loved ones; SAD can exacerbate these challenging feelings.

However, we take great pride in empowering our seniors to embark on the next stage of their life. Keeping our residents active, engaged, and connected to their community is a priority of ours. Below we have provided valuable wellness tips to combat SAD and enjoy a fulfilling life in our luxurious assisted living community near Palm Springs.


#1.) Exercise regularly.

Regular exercise not only keeps your body active but also enhances your mood. Seniors are encouraged to get moderate aerobic exercise daily, whether by walking, dancing, completing a workout, or simply moving when and where they can! 

Assisted living in Palm Springs, with its warm climate, provides the perfect environment for outdoor activities. Our residents have access to many great amenities, including an on-site fitness room, heated outdoor pool and five acres of beautifully landscaped grounds with gardens and walking paths. Rather than stress over completing an elaborate workout routine, make exercise fun – swim a few leisurely laps, take a stroll through the gardens with a friend, or join one of our group fitness classes!


#2.) Eat healthy.

Good nutrition is essential for maintaining overall wellness. Our chef-prepared meals, planned by a Registered Dietician, are not only delicious but also nutritious. We offer a variety of options to cater to different dietary needs, ensuring our residents receive the best nutrition possible. A well-balanced diet can boost your immunity and keep SAD at bay.

In addition to eating healthy and staying active, it’s important to stay hydrated. Make sure to mind your water intake, especially before and after exercising.


#3.) Stay social.

Isolation can exacerbate the symptoms of SAD. Feelings of isolation and loneliness can be common for seniors in assisted living in Palm Springs, despite the sunny and luxurious environment.

At Bayshire Rancho Mirage, we foster a sense of community and encourage social interaction among our residents. We provide enriching activities, programs, and special events that promote social engagement and provide opportunities to make new friends. Connecting with others can uplift your spirits and combat the winter blues.


#4.) Complete routine health screenings.

Regular health check-ups are crucial for early detection and prevention of health issues. Our senior assisted living residents receive personalized care plans and have 24/7 access to nursing care. We ensure that routine health screenings are a part of our residents’ wellness journey, ensuring their physical well-being.

While it’s important to complete routine check-ups, it’s equally crucial to speak up about any new concerns. If you notice any sudden changes in your physical or mental health, talk to a member of our care team to ensure you get the help and support you need.


#5.) Mind your mental health.

Mental health is equally important as physical health. Our community offers various activities that promote mental health, such as art classes and meditation sessions. Practicing mindfulness can help you manage stress, anxiety, and depression, which are often associated with SAD.

Seniors may notice emotional challenges that accompany the transition from independent living to assisted living in our Palm Springs community. It can be difficult to navigate this transition and the loss of independence as you accept assistance with daily activities. We are here to support you and make transitions between care levels seamless and comfortable. Talk to a trusted team member about any challenging emotions you notice arising.

A senior woman practicing mindfulness yoga


#6.) Prioritize sleep.

Getting adequate and restful sleep is essential for overall well-being. Restful sleep sets the foundation for an alert and energized day, making you more likely to stay active and be social. Poor sleep, on the other hand, can cause irritability that drives you away from social interactions and is a poor foundation for working out, potentially increasing your risk of falls and injuries.

Seniors often struggle with sleep issues, which can exacerbate the symptoms of SAD. To improve sleep quality, establish a regular bedtime routine, create a comfortable sleep environment, and limit caffeine and screen time before bedtime. At Bayshire Rancho Mirage, our residents enjoy a tranquil setting that promotes good sleep, with cozy accommodations and serene surroundings.


#7.) Embrace creativity.

Engaging in creative activities can be therapeutic and uplifting. Encourage your artistic side by participating in art classes, music sessions, writing groups, and craft activities. Expressing yourself creatively and exploring new hobbies not only enhances mental health but also fosters a sense of accomplishment and joy. 

Our community offers a variety of creative activities, programs, and events to help you explore and nurture your passions. Check out our community calendar to see upcoming events. 


#8.) Boost your brain.

Keeping your mind sharp is just as important as maintaining physical health. Engage in cognitive exercises and activities that challenge your brain. This can include crossword puzzles, Sudoku, brain-training apps, brain games, reading, or learning a new skill or language. 

At Bayshire Rancho Mirage, we offer brain-boosting activities and educational programs to help you keep your cognitive abilities strong. By stimulating your brain regularly, you can improve memory, cognitive function, and overall mental well-being, reducing the impact of SAD and enhancing your quality of life.


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