Fall is a fun time of year for some, but for seniors, it can be hard to adjust. From the leaves falling off trees to the colder weather, there are more changes to get used to during this season. However, it’s important for seniors not to lose their fall spirit and find ways to still enjoy all that autumn has to offer. Here are a few ideas on how those at senior living in Rancho Mirage, CA, can change things up with the seasons!


1) Stay Indoors

One thing seniors can do to change things up is to stay inside during the fall, especially if they are susceptible to illness in cold weather. A senior can pick up a book or have a favorite hobby they enjoy and enjoy it all year long. Make crafts, create an art project, or even find a new show to watch. Another bonus of this change is seniors don’t need to trek out in the cold for something fun to do, so staying inside is easy on their bodies and minds alike.


2) Try a New Exercise

Another idea is to try a different workout or to go out of your comfort zone. For example, maybe a senior has been wanting to try yoga but has never tried it before. This would be a great time of year to bring it up and start something new. Another option is for them to play some indoor sports such as shuffleboard, racket ball, swimming, or bowling. But remember, seniors who have been wanting to try something new but are nervous about it should talk to their doctor about what they should and shouldn’t do for their bodies.


3) Redecorate and Clean

Seniors can change things up by deep cleaning their home and doing some remodeling before the holidays. It could be with decorations, or it could be with a new paint job in the kitchen. Seniors can also help out fellow residents by hanging up pictures or putting up curtains if they are easily accessible. Another great idea would be to prepare their walker for the winter and their wheeled device for the cold season.


4) Go Shopping

If a senior has been wanting something new but can’t afford it, they can always look elsewhere. For example, if a senior wants to buy a new TV for home entertainment, this is one of those times when senior discounts are available. They can look at the relevant ads and take advantage of the deals. Seniors can also go to thrift shops or garage sales and look for some treasures.


5) Volunteer Outdoors

Seniors who want to get outside but can’t because of their health can volunteer at local parks, shelters, and other places with fresh air. It is a great way for them to be involved with the community and meet new people. Another option is to start a garden. Seniors then can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables that they have raised themselves. They can also make some extra money by selling these items to others.


6) Make Time for Yourself

Seniors at senior living in Rancho Mirage, CA, are encouraged to make time for themselves, whether by simply going out for coffee or getting in the car and taking a drive through the neighborhood. It will do them good to get their minds out of negative places and their bodies moving. Another idea is that they can catch up on their reading.

A senior woman enjoys a cup of coffee outdoors at senior living


7) Diversify Your Practices

Seniors can change things up by taking advantage of the different exercises available to them. Some examples of this may include Tai Chi or Pilates, which are both great for seniors. These activities have been shown to help people with their balance and movement as they age. Other options include walking, jogging, biking, kayaking, and yoga, just to name a few.


8) Sign Up for a Class

Another option is for seniors to go to a local college and take a class on something they have always wanted to learn. Seniors can also volunteer at the school and participate in field trips with the different classes. This is a great way for seniors to get involved and meet new people their age. They can also get some exercise by going to the classroom once or twice a week.


9) Get Out and About

Seniors should always get out into the community. They can do this by getting involved with events that are going on in their area. Doing this will make them feel part of something and also give them a chance to meet some people they don’t know. Seniors can also attend the library or other events to catch up on current literature and catch up on things they have not been able to finish. Another option is to start a club at their residence if they have enough senior residents who would like to join.


10) Talk to Your Doctor

One thing to also consider is talking to their doctor about what they should and shouldn’t do for their body during the fall. For example, if a senior takes a walk outside, they can take a jacket or sweater with them. It may also be good to talk with their doctor about going out for one big meal or having smaller meals throughout the day. This is something that would need to be discussed with a doctor and possibly checked out by an occupational therapist as well.


11) Hit the Gym!

Seniors who have been wanting to get back into shape and exercise can take a look at a new gym in their area. Many different gyms offer programs for older people, making it easy for seniors to join in on the fun. Another option is putting in some hard work at the gym by making a plan to work out every day of the week by doing intervals on the treadmill or walking on an incline.


‘Fall’ Into These Changes

Fall is a great time for seniors to change things up and make life fun and exciting once again. After reading these ideas, seniors can look forward to the new season. Older adults at the senior living in Rancho Mirage, CA, can use these ideas to help prioritize their health and well being.